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We Build Brands And Strive To Make Them More Human

Bauhoz® Creative Services in California strives to create enduring and mutually beneficial relationships between our clients and their target audience. This is achieved through intelligent design and smart thinking in the conception and delivery of our digital media services in San Jose, CA and other jurisdictions. What you need in today’s markets is the ability to craft a lifestyle image and also engage with your target market on a personal level.

Bauhoz® Crative Prowess includes:

  • Build Brand Identities: Our prowess lies in development of identity systems that draw from emotional and strategic connections. Our processes and approach gives birth to concise, clear, and crafted brand identities that deliver.
  • Digital Media Presence: We know what it takes to design digital media that works. We are well placed to create messages that are designed to function with applications, the web and other mediums of an interactive nature in a seamless fashion. We have various tools which include rich media creator, e-books maker, and presentations maker, among others.
  • Collateral: We know how to best utilize collateral in building brand and product awareness. Whether it is the creation of brochures, trade ads and electronic direct mail, Bauhoz® is the answer.
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