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So you have a website, but...

Is it visible to consumers? Is it user friendly? Does it keep the user engaged? Does it give you the required leads and conversions?

The purpose of putting up a website is that it may be seen by prospective customers when they search for the keywords which are relevant to your business. The ranking of pages on the search results of Google, Yahoo, and Bing is not a random affair but a scientific process that takes specific aspects of your website into consideration. The same applies to Ads that you put up online.


Bauhoz® SEO Services in San Jose and the rest or California are designed to get you to the top of the search results. We have the best SEO services in California that do not promise you instant results but a culture that is programmed to win and deliver enduring results.

We have a comprehensive search engine optimization recipe that is responsive to your unique needs while giving you a great ROI. Visibility gives you the much needed leads and a lot of work goes into ensuring that the visitors have a great experience, find the necessary information and ultimately convert into paying customers. Bauhoz® keeps abreast with changes in search engine algorithms, the markets and general digital marketing trends. We have experience in numerous industries and have successfully executed search engine marketing projects in California. We don’t believe in using black hat tactics and view SEO as an ongoing process as opposed to a one-time event.


It is possible to fast-track your online visibility through Pay-Per-Click otherwise known as PPC. PPC campaigns place you above organic searches which guarantee you the top spot. For every search query that you enter the first 2 positions on the search results are reserved for PPC campaigns and they also occupy positions on the flanks of the organic results. This is not an easy exercise but one that requires an extraordinary ability to target the right keywords. Bauhoz® PPC Management Services in San Jose are a refined art that has managed to win the battles for numerous clients. We can ensure your visibility on Google Search and Content Network, Microsoft AdCenter, and Yahoo Search, among others. We are always mindful of your objectives in everything that we do.

We have the best SEO Experts in California and PPC services that derive from our ability to read the markets and understand your requirements. Bauhoz® is synonymous with innovative and proactive monitoring, techniques for tracking and testing every PPC campaign which determines the feasibility of every Ad. Our solution is wallet friendly and we are responsive to your needs. We are primarily concerned with your ROI and work to optimize your account to approach your goals. We leverage crucial data such as CPC (Cost per Click), Cost per Transaction, CTR (click through rate), and cost per lead in the attainment of your goals.

What We Do?

  • • We conduct an analysis of your website first. This is done by a team of experts who are aided by the best tools in the industry. This is in a quest to establish the extent to which your website is or is not, user and search spider friendly.
  • • We also analyze trends associated with your website using Web Analytics. What we look at is traffic, the time that visitors spend on your website, the way visitors navigate, the most liked pages, the preferred browser, the top selling product, the pages with the most abandonments, et cetera, et cetera. This information feeds into our strategy as we chart your roadmap to higher ranking in organic searches for all the relevant keywords
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